JAN 132014

Does Mickey Stress You Out?

by Angela Cox

I’ve had countless friends start our conversations with a discouraged, “I started planning a Disney vacation a few years ago, but gave up because it STRESSED ME OUT!” Believe me when I tell you- I know what you’re talking about. I know.

Our very first family trip to Walt Disney World® was when our daughter was six years old and our son was only two. (Take a look at that crowd!) Although we were swept away by the beauty of Cinderella Castle and the magical ambience, we felt completely lost. I had even taken the time to read one of those tell-all Disney touring books. Cover-to-cover. The problem with relying on a published book is that it may have been printed a year ago. A LOT can happen in a year! Remember, this is *DISNEY * we’re talking about.

Walter Elias Disney is the one who said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

One thing you can be sure of with a Disney destination is that it will be ever changing.

Day after day, we’d aimlessly walked around the crowded parks, and night after night, I’d go back to our resort to examine the worn-out pages of a book that wasn’t helping me do much more than find occasional Hidden Mickeys, avoid the ‘sting’ at It’s Tough to be a Bug, and tell me I should’ve called in 180 days in advance to get reservations to Cinderella’s Royal Table. Seriously? I paid money for this?

As soon as we got home, I began studying anything and everything that had to do with Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resort.

I was fascinated with Walt Disney, the legend, and the legacy he left behind. I couldn’t learn enough about Disney travel destinations.

Every trip became easier and more enjoyable. My husband and I figured out little tricks on how to maximize our time in the parks, secrets to avoid the crowds, how to tour the parks when we did have to vacation during peak times, places to rest, and so much more.

We learned how to save money while we were in the parks, and steps that needed to be taken to get discounts. It was a game to us, and we loved it!

All of my Disney-going friends contacted me for suggestions and tips. I was the official “Go To Girl” for all things Disney. I became a travel agent who specialized in Disney vacations, and eventually opened Mickey Mom Travel.

Most people cringe when they think of the entire “Disney vacation planning process.” Again, I know exactly how you feel because I was once there myself. As odd as it may sound, all of the travel specialists at Mickey Mom Travel LOVE this part. If we can’t spend every waking moment at a Disney Park, we want to live vicariously through YOU!

If you’d like to remain sane in the months leading up to your Disney vacation, let us help you. We would love to build a quote for you, and plan every detail of your vacation.

The beginning stage of planning your journey involves many steps that you may not have pondered. Here are just a few when heading to the parks:

  • What travel season is best for your family? (We’ll factor in park decorations, work or school schedules, temperatures, crowds, etc…)
  • Which month should you choose within that travel season?
  • Next, we’ll narrow your vacation down to the perfect week.
  • How will you get there? (Fly or drive?)
  • We can match a resort category to fit your budget and needs.
  • We’ll pinpoint the specific resort that accommodates your family size, while matching it with the ambience you’re seeking during your vacation.
  • We can help you decide on the perfect amount of days to spend in the parks.
  • If you’re in Florida, we’ll let you know if the Park Hopper or Water Park, Fun, & More option will work out for your vacation.
  • If you’re vacationing in California, we can transform this into a complete Southern California vacation by adding SeaWorld-San Diego, LEGOLAND, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios®, & so much more.
  • Let us share the benefits of the Disney Dining Plans for Walt Disney World®. (Or tricks to using the dining vouchers if you’re going to be visiting the Disneyland® Resort.)
  • We can narrow down the specific Disney Dining Plan that is right for your family. (Most don’t even know that there are 5 different plans at Walt Disney World®)

Did this list instantly increase your heart rate? You were probably overwhelmed before you even knew the colossal importance of the pre-planning phase. I will be nice, and refrain from frightening you with what must be achieved AFTER you’ve booked.

Slow down.

Take a deep breath.


This is where the experienced travel professionals of Mickey Mom Travel step in. Not only have we all graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge, we have spent countless vacations at Walt Disney World®, Disneyland® Resort, and Disney Cruise Line®. I have either stayed in or taken extensive tours of every single Disney resort in Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resort, along with numerous Good Neighbor Hotels.

We have hands-on experience, and we are thrilled to apply our Mickey Mom wisdom to your next vacation!

We will transform your vacation desperation into exciting anticipation! Magical Memories START HERE.