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Pregnant in the Parks: Our Top Ten Tips for Touring Disney while Pregnant

Part 1

by Julie Schilly, Mickey Mom Travel Professional

Can you go to a Disney Park while pregnant? Of course you can!

Pregnant in the Parks: Our Top Ten Tips for Touring Disney while Pregnant

In May 2013, my husband and I purchased Disneyland Annual Passports. Since we planned to start a family, we knew there was a good chance that at some point during the next 12 months, I would be pregnant. Fast forward to September 2013, and about a week before our planned trip, I found out the great news! During my first trip as a pregnant woman, I was only five weeks along. Since then, I have been two more times, at 14 weeks and 19 weeks. We do plan to go again in late February, and I will be 29 weeks by then!

Before our first trip, I was very nervous about going to the parks while pregnant. However, the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was not being able to ride some of the rides and needing more rest than usual. At 14, and then, 19 weeks, I realized that taking a slower pace, relaxing, and taking breaks meant that I felt great and was able to enjoy the vacation. From my experience, I have gathered a variety of tips and am excited to share them with you.

Top Ten Tips for Touring a Disney Park while Pregnant:

  • First, tell your doctor that you are planning to visit a theme park. Every woman is different and your doctor might have a unique list of do's and don'ts specific to your pregnancy. This can vary between how many weeks along you are, if you will be flying to your destination, and more. Please be sure to consult them above anything else on this list.
  • Be sure to review ahead of time which rides will be off-limits. This will help you plan what you will do if your whole party decides to ride. Is there a shop nearby that you can browse? Is there a counter-service restaurant where you can cool off with a lemonade or warm up with a hot chocolate? For your reference, here is a list of attractions that Disney recommends to avoid while pregnant for both Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World®. Make sure "Expectant Mothers Advisory" is selected to get a complete list for each destination.
  • Keep hydrated! I always advise clients to keep hydrated in a park, year-round. But when you are pregnant, this is even more important as dehydration has many more risks when you are pregnant. Carry a water bottle with you and remember that you can ask for a cup of water for free at any dining establishment that sells fountain drinks. However, remember to use the restroom before getting into any lines!
  • Speaking of restrooms, look at a map before your vacation and learn where the restrooms are located. This way, you won't be out of luck when that time comes, and as you know, it can be often!
  • Eat when you need to - and not turkey legs and mickey bars either! There are many healthy options in the parks, including kiosks spread throughout that have snacks like hummus and pretzels, carrots and celery, dried fruit, pineapple spears, and even dill pickles. Avoid sugary foods like churros and ice cream and opt for protein and fruit/veggies to keep you full of energy and stamina for the day ahead.

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